Course curriculum

  • 1

    Learn WireShark for Ethical Hacking

    • What is Wireshark and why should you learn it?

    • Basics of Computer Networking

    • OSI model

    • Install Wireshark

    • WireShark Getting Started

    • WireShark Filters Lectures

    • Sets a filter for any packet that has x.x.x.x as IP address

    • Sets a conversation filter between two specific IP addresses

    • Sets a filter to display all http and dns protocols

    • Sets filters for any TCP packet with a specific source or destination port

    • displays all TCP packets that contain a certain term

    • filters all HTTP GET and POST requests

    • filter out certain types of protocols

    • Wireshark Uses In Real World Lectures

    • Can Wireshark capture passwords?

    • Plain text network protocols

    • Capture Insecure Connections (Net Cat)

    • Capture FTP Passwords

    • Extract files from FTP using Wireshark

    • Capture HTTP Passwords

    • Capture files (images) from HTTP traffic