Course curriculum

    1. What is Wireshark and why should you learn it?

    2. Basics of Computer Networking

    3. OSI model

    4. Install Wireshark

    5. WireShark Getting Started

    6. WireShark Filters Lectures

    7. Sets a filter for any packet that has x.x.x.x as IP address

    8. Sets a conversation filter between two specific IP addresses

    9. Sets a filter to display all http and dns protocols

    10. Sets filters for any TCP packet with a specific source or destination port

    11. Displays all TCP packets that contain a certain term

    12. Filters all HTTP GET and POST requests

    13. Filter out certain types of protocols

    14. Wireshark Uses In Real World Lectures

    15. Can Wireshark capture passwords?

    16. Plain text network protocols

    17. Capture Insecure Connections (Net Cat)

    18. Capture FTP Passwords

    19. Extract files from FTP using Wireshark

    20. Capture HTTP Passwords

    21. Capture files (images) from HTTP traffic

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